The Pastificio Ricci was born in the 1950s in Ferrara. It will immediately be distinguished for the production of the alimentary hight quality solid wheat bran pasta amplifying, over time, its activity to the production of fresh bakery and pastry-making.


Under the administration of the Ricci family the pasta factory is a family conduction company, which safeguards the secret of an artisan elaboration, thus, without renouncing the improvements that innovation technology does bring to the labor process. 


The pastificio utilizes simply ingredients elaborated with an ancient wisdom: the result is that of healthy and genuine products with a really unique flavour. Upon all the produtcs, over of course regional specialties as garganelli, la gramigna, strozzapreti, pressed maccheroni and spaghetti alla chitarra, you will find the renouned special truffle, porcino mushroom and chocolate pasta.




It contains four lines of production:


solid wheat bran pasta, which includes traditional format as the maccheroni, penne, spaghetti and, short soup format;


bronze drawn pasta (novelty): calamari, paccheri, fusilli, rigatoni, spaghetti alla chitarra;


egg pasta, which includes both short format like garganelli, strozzapreti, farfalloni and, long pasta like tagliatelle, tagliolini, the finissime, the lasagna and normal and spinach tagliatelle;


special pasta, chocolate, porcine mushroom and truffle tagliatelle, kamut and hulled wheat pasta.

Il nostro indirizzo:

Pastificio Ricci
via Palmirano 66


TEL: +39 05321673163



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