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Pastificio Ricci
via Palmirano 66


TEL: +39 053262663



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The PASTIFICIO RICCI was born in the 1952 in Ferrara and immediately stands out for the production of pasta made ​​of durum wheat semolina of the highest quality.

By the time broadens the activity up to and including pastries and fresh bread. Managed by the Ricci family, the FACTORY is a family run business that carries forward and defends the secrets of craftsmanship, but without sacrificing the improvements that technological innovation brings to the work process.


We using simple ingredients, working with an ancient wisdom: the result is healthy and wholesome flavor unique. On all remember regional specialties such as garganelli, the weeds, strozzapreti, maccheroni al torchio, spaghetti alla chitarra and the famous special pasta with truffles, porcini mushrooms and chocolate.